San Diego Breast Augmentation*


30 - 39
5’ 0” - 5’ 5”
100 - 149 lbs


Procedure Details

This young housewife and mother of two young children consulted with me for breast augmentation in La Jolla because of concerns about loss of breast volume and shape of her breasts following pregnancy and breastfeeding both of her children. She wore a B cup bra but desired a fuller D cup bra. She had liked the shape of both of her breasts prior to pregnancy, but also wanted a more dramatic change in breast size and shape. On examination when we met she had small, but relatively symmetrically-sized breasts with no significant sagging, or breast ptosis. There were no chest wall deformities or significant breast asymmetry. With my consultant, she tried on a variety of implant sizers underneath a bra and a tight t-shirt. After trying on a number of different sized implants, she liked the look of 375 cc implants. We discussed the use of saline or silicone implants and she choose saline implants. Following, the selection of implant size, I discussed with her various options for implant incision and placement. I recommended the use of a periareolar incision around the areola and placement of the implants underneath the pectoralis major muscle. I explained to her that this would create a more natural appearance to the breasts. Her surgery was uneventful and within two weeks she had returned to most of her usual household activities. At one month, she had returned to her active lifestyle and workout routine. She was delighted with the change in her breast size and shape.


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