San Diego Rhinoplasty*

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This woman in her early 20s was bothered by how prominent her nasal hump was. Feeling that it disrupted her profile, she decided to find a plastic surgeon in San Diego who regularly performed nose surgery with great success. She decided to contact Dr. Chaffoo and schedule a consultation after learning about how Dr. Chaffoo has helped many people refine the appearances of their noses. She expressed her concerns to Dr. Chaffoo during her consultation. Although she wanted to change the slope of her nose to narrow the width of her nostrils, she was concerned about changing the look of her nose too much. Dr. Chaffoo assured her that, when done properly, rhinoplasty would not change her appearance entirely. Instead, Dr. Chaffoo would use refined surgical techniques to subtly reshape her nose without making her look like someone else. After her San Diego rhinoplasty was completed, she recovered in the comfort of her own home. In her "after" photos, her nose has a much more discrete profile and has a feminine and attractive contour. She was very happy with the new look of her nose and was glad she decided to undergo rhinoplasty.


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