Meet Our Team

10 Team Members
  • Dr. Richard Chaffoo

    Dr. Richard Chaffoo

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Richard Chaffoo is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who offers a wide range of procedures at La Jolla Plastic Surgery in San Diego.

  • Tracy Lyons

    Tracy Lyons

    Plastic Surgery Consultant

    Tracy Lyons is a Nurse, who serves as Dr. Chaffoo’s Plastic Surgery Consultant, and meets with patients prior to their treatments and surgeries.

  • Jordyn Andrews

    Jordyn Andrews

    Asst Office Manager

    Jordyn Andrews is a Licensed Aesthetician, who serves as Dr. Chaffoo's Office Manager. She is a warm, welcoming presence to our office and patients.

  • Robert Gleason

    Robert Gleason

    CoolSculpting® Consultant

    Robert Gleason is a Certified CoolSculpting® Consultant, who works with patients to provide them with all the information they need for treatment.

  • Nancy Frederich

    Nancy Frederich

    RN, Laser & Surgical Nurse

    Nancy Frederich is one of the Registered Nurses for Dr. Chaffoo at La Jolla Plastic Surgery who provides quality, compassionate care to our patients.

  • Galina Thaler

    Galina Thaler

    RN,Hair Restoration Specialist

    Galina Thaler is one of the Registered Nurses for Dr. Chaffoo's patients and is also a Hair Restoration Specialist at La Jolla Plastic Surgery.

  • Olivia Fulps

    Olivia Fulps

    Medical Assistant/Aesthetician

    Medical Assistant and Aesthetician Olivia Fulps helps Dr. Richard Chaffoo with cosmetic procedures and skin care at La Jolla Plastic Surgery.

  • Jinnefer Cooke

    Jinnefer Cooke

    Medical Assistant

    Medical Assistant Jinnefer Cooke helps Dr. Richard Chaffoo care for his patients by assisting during consultations and minor cosmetic procedures.

  • Sonia Martinez

    Sonia Martinez

    Hair Restoration Specialist

    As the Hair Restoration Specialist at La Jolla Plastic Surgery, Sonia Martinez assists Dr. Richard Chaffoo during advanced hair transplant surgery.

  • Laura Yednorowicz

    Laura Yednorowicz

    Front Office Administrator

    As the Front Office Administrator at La Jolla Plastic Surgery, Laura Yednorowicz helps patients schedule and prepare for their appointments.