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Many men and women come to visit us at La Jolla Plastic Surgery because they are considering facial rejuvenation, but some aren't ready for surgery. Laser skin tightening (also known as a nonsurgical facelift) offers patients throughout the San Diego, CA area excellent results without the downtime or cost of a surgical procedure. Combining the rejuvenation of Fraxel DUAL laser skin resurfacing and PrecisionTx by Cynosure to firm and tighten the skin, laser skin tightening can help patients with early signs of aging. This minimally invasive option helps women and men reduce the signs of lower facial aging without invasive surgery. PrecisionTx uses laser energy to diminish fat deposits and encourage the growth of new collagen for lasting results. Fraxel laser treatments gently rejuvenate the skin at the deeper levels for a beautiful, even tone. If you're noticing early signs of aging and want to refresh your appearance through nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, request your complimentary cosmetic consultation with triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo at La Jolla Plastic Surgery.

Before the Procedure

Dr. Chaffoo evaluates your skin during your consultation and will recommend which of our innovative treatments would work best as components of your nonsurgical facelift. Advances in laser and light based cosmetic procedures, like PrecisionTx and Fraxel DUAL, have made these excellent choices in recent years.

Procedure Technique

A typical laser facelift procedure lasts for about 90 minutes and requires only local anesthesia. Dr. Chaffoo makes a series of 3 small incisions, usually below the chin, then inserts a very thin laser tube through these incisions. He directs the laser energy to the targeted areas, liquefying excess fat and heating loose or sagging skin from within. The laser energy encourages the tissue to contract and promotes new collagen growth for thicker skin.


Recovery after a laser facelift is quick and simple for most patients. Any discomfort is typically managed with acetaminophen (Tylenol®) or another over-the-counter pain reliever. Mild swelling usually fades after the first few days. It is normal to have light bruising in or around treated areas initially, which can be covered with camouflage makeup. Patients will need to wear a compression garment on the face and neck for the first 48 hours and then only at night for about 4 – 6 weeks. The gentle pressure minimizes swelling and encourages firm, smooth contours as the treated areas heal. Most patients are ready to return to their daily activities within 2 – 3 days and work within 4 – 5 days.


Some patients report an immediate difference in the quality of their skin and their results continue to develop over a period of 3 – 6 months as the skin rebuilds itself and becomes stronger. Although the final outcome can be long-lasting, many patients choose to maintain their results with treatments such as injectables and fillers.

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Recovery Time  
2 - 5 Days
Average Procedure Time  
90 Minutes
Post-op Follow-up  
4 - 6 Weeks
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Fraxel Laser FAQs

Conditions Treated?

The best candidates for nonsurgical treatments tend to be people who believe they look older or more tired than they feel inside, but whose skin is still fairly supple and shows minimal sagging. If you have begun to notice age spots or sun spots, wrinkles around your face, sunken cheeks, or a general loss of firmness in your facial skin, our nonsurgical facelift treatment may suit your needs.

Laser skin tightening may also be a good choice if you have had facial surgery in the past and are noticing the return of some signs of aging. Many patients find they can maintain the good results of a surgical procedure such as a facelift or eyelid surgery for many extra years thanks to nonsurgical treatments.

Combining Treatments?

We may recommend that patients combine laser treatments with injectables, such as BOTOX® and Juvéderm®, at our office to complete their transformation. If your skin tone and condition remain relatively youthful but you're bothered by the appearance of a double chin, Dr. Chaffoo may recommend Kybella® injections that reduce the fat below the chin.

Potential Risks?

Since a laser facelift is minimally invasive, most of the risks involved in a surgical facelift are removed. However nonsurgical skin tightening does have some potential risks, including minor burns, skin color changes, reduced volume, redness, swelling, and numbness. Most of these side effects are temporary, but talk to Dr. Chaffoo about what's normal and what's not during your recovery.

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